What Makes Recycling The Best Method Of Tyre Disposal Method

With almost everyone owning a car today, tyres’ importance and use are undeniable. Though essential, they can be an environmental hazard, mainly when disposed of poorly. This is because tyres are made using chemically enhanced rubber, which is both durable and toxic. Therefore, discarding tyres everywhere increases the rate of pollution in the environment and can lead to diseases.


When it comes to tyre disposal, most people think that burning them is the best disposal method, but they are always wrong. Burning the disposed of tyres releases enormous levels of toxic gases into the air, which is very dangerous to humans, animals and other living things. Also, burning tyres is more dangerous than you think, mainly because it pollutes the soil and the water. This is why it is essential for you to always consider the proper tyre disposal method before you dispose of your old tyres. Tyre recycling is a suitable disposal method, and you will learn why this is the best solution in the following section.


Reasons Why Recycling Tyre Is The Best Tyre Disposal Method

The following are the main reason why recycling tyres is always recommended as the best way to dispose of your old tyres;


  • It reduces waste in the environment

Millions of tyres are used in every state or country every year. When most people want to replace their old tyres with new ones, they only think about throwing them in dump sites. Unfortunately, this makes the environment toxic, and the piles of old tyres occupy so much space. Therefore, when you choose recycling tyres over dumping them in landfills, you will reduce the number of waste materials in these landfills.


  • They are reusable

One of the main reasons why old tyres need to be recycled is because they can be used to make different products that can be made using rubber. For instance, they can make durable swings for kids and shock-absorbing surfaces for backyards and playgrounds where kids play. In addition, tyres can be cut into pieces and used in construction, paving roads and railroad beds, and making items like sandals, doormats, carpets,  and crash barriers on highways. Therefore, instead of piling old tyres in landfills or backyards, they should be recycled into other useful products.


  • Enhance public health

Discarding tyres and allowing them to pile up in your backyard or landfills creates nesting spots for rodents and insects. Insects and rodents are usually health hazards since they spread diseases that cause illnesses in humans and pets. Instead of endangering the health of the people living around, recycling old tyres is crucial. This helps enhance your health and the health of the people around you.


  • Eliminates fire dangers

Unfortunately, rubber is highly flammable and can burn for months or years since putting off rubber fires can be a problem. The fires can be more challenging, especially where large piles of tyres have been discarded. When these tyres burn, they release toxins like heavy metal, gasoline and oil into the air, which is dangerous to humans and animals. Also, the smoke they produce can cause respiratory diseases or distress. In addition, when the tyres melt, they release chemicals absorbed by the ground contaminating the water supply and ecosystems. Therefore, to prevent all these dangers caused by tyre fires, you should consider recycling tyres as your tyre disposal method.


As one of the people affected by poor tyre disposal methods, you must consider recycling your old tyres instead of discarding them on your background or in landfills. Fortunately, you can always find a recycling company that can take all the tyres you have, and they can make other durable and economical products. Choose tyre disposal by Bearcat for responsible and efficient disposal of your tyres.



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